I’ve officially been a missionary at Youth With A Missionary for 1 year, 3 months, 2 weeks, & 5 days. When you become a missionary, you’re supposed to everything lined up in life: no debt, good with people, strong relationship with God, at the very least. I had all of that. I had the supporters,... Continue Reading →


This duplex, the one Bryn, a friend, and I moved into last October, represents a lot of things. When we first moved in, it represented God growing and stretching my faith to deeper levels. He did everything He warned me about. He told me specifically, "I want to stretch your faith more than if you... Continue Reading →

I had a dream awhile back. I was struggling with judging people and this dream felt like a wake up call from the Lord. In the dream, a drunk, prostitute sat at my feet in my Aunt's living room. She was barely coherent and making a fool out of herself in her attempts at conversations.... Continue Reading →

"Hope is a seed you have to sow. When you let it go, it comes to life. So stretch your arrows on the bow And pull them back & watch them fly."   This year's Inspire Conference theme is simple, "Festival Of Hope". With the world in it's white-knuckled state of do or die, I'm... Continue Reading →

Last night was our first and last rehearsal for the Inspire Conference song that Amber Settle (co-worker) wrote. We'll be recording Monday afternoon and hard copies will be available at this year's Inspire Conference! If you're local, you should be signing up for March 3rd & 4th! It's going to be a fantastic experience and... Continue Reading →

Another month already? Time is flying and crawling at the same time here at YWAM Tyler. The base is full of energy and excitement as Week 3 of the Discipleship Training School (DTS) and School of Worship (SOW) have kicked off. I'll try my best to be brief this update due to the mass of... Continue Reading →

It's been over a year since I woke up sleepily, contemplating the dream I'd just had. It was a dream that would lose its meaning only to find itself hanging on the wall of my 2 days shy of the 1 month mark at YWAM Tyler. I had a dream... I was at a prayer... Continue Reading →

  Sunset on the first night! I knew I was going to be perfectly fine when I walked into the Arts Department, aka my new office, and there was a piano. "Just because you play piano and so do I.", is the reasoning I was given. Yes, please! It felt like God's acknowledgement of how hard, scary,... Continue Reading →

When God Calls You To America

What was I thinking?! I'm wondering this today as I'm organizing my chaotic thoughts into some form of order. With the deadline of August 8th (move in day!) coming closer, I've been doing my calculations and it's hard not to feel panicked. But here's the thing, beyond the panic, beyond the financial needs, beyond the... Continue Reading →

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