When God Calls You To America

What was I thinking?! I’m wondering this today as I’m organizing my chaotic thoughts into some form of order. With the deadline of August 8th (move in day!) coming closer, I’ve been doing my calculations and it’s hard not to feel panicked.

But here’s the thing, beyond the panic, beyond the financial needs, beyond the new environments, new friendships, new new new…

I feel ecstatic. I’m in countdown mode: 20 days, 12 hours, 12 minutes! See?

I’m excited because God put a dream and a calling in my heart when I was in the 5th grade. The day I met Him, He called me. What did He call me to?

He called me to be with Him, to love Him, to serve Him in any and as many facets as possible.

Back to this calling of God’s…

After I got saved, I knew God was calling me to love on celebrities. Now before I lose you, bear with me. Can God not also desire Britney Spears as much as the orphaned in China? Doesn’t He care about every single living soul in the past, present, and future of this bleeding, breathing planet?


Well, this just means that through the arts: dance, drama, music, media, writing, creating… God wants me to partner with Him in bringing His love to the artists of America, known and unknown.

So, I’ve been chasing Him through the arts since I was a kid. I can feel His heartbeat on the streets of New Orleans during UDTS, in the rhythms of dance performances I’ve done, and I can see Him moving through the notes I play on a piano. God loves artists. He is the Artist.

So, why wouldn’t I want to use the gifting, the callings, the talents He’s placed on my life as a fragrant, free-will, loving offering back to Him? Because that’s my desire? Because it’s selfish?

I always thought to be a missionary, I had to live in foreign place where things would be hard and I’d have to fight for comforts and would probably end up losing.

But who says America is comfortable? Isn’t there just as much value defending the Gospel on my home turf as there is bringing it to the broken in a penniless nations? Because we’re going into defense mode in America now. Neither are above the other. Both are the heart of a Father Who gave His Son.

When I go to YWAM in 20 days,  12 hours, 12 minutes, I’m going with Him. I’m going for the love of my country. I’m going to bring a voice that has passionate creativity. I’m going to look God in the eye and say “Here I am. Lord, send me.”

Even if it’s among my own people. Who better to love on a hurting nation than a citizen of that nation? Our hearts beat as one with different purposes unique to our journey.

This is my journey.

As part of my journey, I want to encourage the dreamers, the artists, the loners. I want to stir my generation to use their gifts (welding, dance, plumbing, doesn’t matter!) to see Jesus for themselves.

If you feel a stirring in your heart, it’s on purpose. Don’t let the fear move you, but the love of God.

So, I’m called to my home country. To equip young, new missionaries with the art of expressing God’s love in every way possible. To allow God to place me in a community of sharpening irons and healing hands. To see God in this great big world and to encourage my fellow missionaries. To grow in servanthood that I may lead with compassion and heart. To be pushed to my limits in more ways than one so God can take over.

As you’ve read this (if you stayed with me), I’m going to tell you about my challenge. My challenge to you is this:

I need $650 monthly (yes, every single month) pledged to fund this dream.

Let’s break it down. I’ve raised $400 monthly so far, including $100 of my own. Yes, I’m giving to myself monthly. I only need $250! I’m more than halfway!

If 10 people gave $25 a month, my goal is met. Or 25 friends give $10 monthly.  That means I get to love on Jesus and people through the arts!

So, firstly, pray for me. 

Secondly, give. Here’s the details:

You have the ability  to donate by Automatic Withdrawal (AWD) from your bank account (on a monthly basis only) or by Credit Card. If you would like to donate using either of these options you can contact the YWAM Tyler office for a form to complete. Call this number: 903-502-5311

If you’d like to write a check, send it to YWAM’s Accounting Office. Make the check out to YWAM and put my name nowhere on the check, but rather write it on a separate piece of paper. They’ll make sure I receive it. All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt in the mail! Easy.

Here’s the address: P.O. BOX 3000 Garden Valley, Texas 75771.

If you’ve got dreams, prayers, and questions to share with me, don’t hesitate to call me or Facebook me! We can hash out details, share visions, and pray together over coffee or a bite to eat!

Lastly, thank you! Thank you for trusting me to hear God for myself. Thank you for believing with me in the dreams of God. Thank you for the constant support and prayers as we’ve journeyed together. Your support means God takes me on His adventure! Love to you all!



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