There Is A Piano



Sunset on the first night!

I knew I was going to be perfectly fine when I walked into the Arts Department, aka my new office, and there was a piano. “Just because you play piano and so do I.”, is the reasoning I was given. Yes, please! It felt like God’s acknowledgement of how hard, scary, exciting, and vulnerable this transition is. But He sees me and the need to express myself through any creative facet (mostly through songs).

Back to my office! It’s complete with lakeside view and massive windows to inspire me in every way possible! Nothing inspires me more than outdoors and the music of God’s heart.IMG_3246

Thus far, out of my massively, beautiful windows I’ve watched turtle heads poking around, laughed to the honking of the ever impatient duck, and watched birds hoping around on the ground in search of food. The irony of the bird isn’t lost on me: God’s not-so-subtle way of reminding me He’s got me.


Another picture of God keeping me from panic: a rainbow without rain one evening.

The moving in process was all wrong because of an injury while on vacation the week before, which resulted in leaving Broken Bow 2 days earlier than planned. Thus, we’ve renamed it lovingly,”Broken Butt”. Bryn, Mom, and I dropped off some things Sunday. Bryn and I finished the process Monday morning. Well, mostly Bryn. I focused on hardly moving and not bending over. My mom even got me a reacher! Thanks, Mom!

I’m on my fifth day of “base life” and find my time very freeing, interesting, and awkward. As getting settled into any new place is, you have loads of questions and hate bothering busy people with the insignificant one. So far, everyone has been more than happy to answer my pestering, simple questions like, “How do I unlock this door with my key?” Seriously. Insert eye roll.

Something that has so impressed me and made such a difference in making me feel welcomed in everyone seems to already know my name. Most might find it creepy, I find it fascinating as people I’ve never met introduce themselves to me at lunch, dinner, the dorm room, and the parking lot using my name. It does my tiny heart good to see people making an effort to get to know the awkward, new girl. Though, I have to say it’s been great seeing old friends and reconnecting once more in a different phase of life than when I left.

I received my list of privileges,”job details” and can’t believe this is real life. Already, we’re practicing for an event in September, where I have the honor of stretching my piano skills further and accompany my new friends and co-workers in an inspiring poem/rendition of a particularly powerhouse song. Also, we’re in the process of piecing together all the decoration, stage, and performance elements for next March’s Inspire Conference. I’m so excited for this one!  As more events and details emerge, I’ll share them with you.

So far, giving up privacy, the comforts of milk in the fridge when you need it, and shower shoes to avoid caterpillar guts in your toes (seriously, how are they getting in?!)  have been worth the people I’ve met, the dreams God’s placed inside of me, and the times of revelations I’m sure are to come.

Remember, if you’d like to give here’s the details:

P.O. BOX 3000 Garden Valley, Texas 75771. Checks can be made to “YWAM Tyler” and put my name no where on the check, but on a separate sheet of paper and envelope it! Side note, if you’d like to receive the original newsletter explaining the process of getting here, the vision God has given me, and further details, message me!

Dreams, curiosities, or prayer requests? Feel free to give me a ring, a text, or a Facebook message!

Thanks for the first five days of rubber meeting road, new forming friendships, and a whole lot of depending on Jesus. You are incredible.


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