The Glass Door Knob

It’s been over a year since I woke up sleepily, contemplating the dream I’d just had. It was a dream that would lose its meaning only to find itself hanging on the wall of my 2 days shy of the 1 month mark at YWAM Tyler.

I had a dream…

I was at a prayer meeting with friends at the YWAM Kona Base in Hawaii. One dear friend looked me in the eye and said, “Hayley, God is about to talk to you through doorknobs.”

Huh. Obviously, it meant “Alice In Wonderland” style of keyholes cracking open their mouths and uttering strange phrases. So, I frantically examined every keyhole and door knob I could find around the complex, expecting a mouth to pop out and say something profound.

Nope. Didn’t happen. So, I went back to the prayer meeting. Then, yet another friend, approached me and handed me a glass door knob.

“Hayley, I’m going to open the door for you.”, she told me.  Okay…

This dream was really getting strange, but I knew I needed to be alert because TWICE I’d been told God was going to speak.

I found myself at the concrete wall (which doesn’t actually exist) surrounding the Kona Base, carrying a useless doorknob, overlooking the streets outside of the compound.

Chaos began breaking out on the highway side of the base, where an “enemy” was stirring up trouble. This enemy then found his way through a door at the base of the concrete wall where he could freely go in and out, bringing destruction.

In a weird dream way, I realized where I was: at a door in the concrete wall above the one the enemy had just gone through.


Here’s the kicker: I, too, could go in and out of my door. But, the enemy had no idea how I was doing it. 

In the dream, I even grabbed a flashlight, shining it in his eyes and face, infuriating him! He knew I could get in and out, just like he could, but he couldn’t find my door.

So, remember that glass knob?  The one that opened the secret door in the wall in my dream?


img_3383Oh there it is! Hanging on my office wall a week after God reminded me of this dream. When I happened to be pacing during some down time in my office.

There have been so many moments in my first month of staffing that God has confirmed the timing, the reasons, and the heart behind why I’m here.

There’s a lot of things you have to let go of in order to take hold of Someone bigger, but gees, is it worth it!

So far, I’ve been challenged to take on roles I’m uncomfortable with (dance teacher, worship leader, leader in general…), but I’m seeing God preparing me for them and encouraging me through it.

This coming weekend is Fall Kick-Off where I get to be stretched yet again as our department performs together Sunday night. The weeks following will be full of Inspire Conference preparation, dance classes, and worship leading.

Through all of this, I am ever dependent on God to mold me into His creation and thankful He’s willing to use a mess like me.



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