What Isn’t Happening

Another month already? Time is flying and crawling at the same time here at YWAM Tyler. The base is full of energy and excitement as Week 3 of the Discipleship Training School (DTS) and School of Worship (SOW) have kicked off. I’ll try my best to be brief this update due to the mass of things going on, but it’s all too exciting!

The first thing you should know is…drum roll, please. I’ve moved. Yup. You read that right. After nearly 2 months in the dorm with my incredible roommates, God opened an unforeseen door that was so obviously Him it was impossible say no. I still have housemates, but this time it’s my sister, Bryn and our dear friend, Analise (who was a YWAM staffer for 2 years a few years back). This decision was an easy/hard one. The main motivation being that after a bad stomach bug hit the campus, I was forced stay at my parent’s house for a week. That doesn’t sound awful, but with my CVS (feel free to ask me in person about this!) this brought major concerns about my ability to rest (CVS brings a lot of anxieties) and stay healthy. So, God literally forced me out of one house and into another. I feel humbled, blessed, slightly nervous, but mostly fully rested and peaceful about this transition. This will in no way affect my ministry out at YWAM and I wouldn’t have done it if it had. If anything, it opens unique doors for fellowship outside of the base and a much needed break for the students to be welcomed to. Feel free to ask me more on that, as well!img_3847

Next, I’m so excited about being a dance teacher for a ballet class and a hip-hop class here at the studio at YWAM Tyler on Monday afternoons! God’s doing some big things in this season not only in the Arts Department, but also in my heart. My favorite part is my niece is taking her first ballet class and it just so happens to be me teaching her age group. My Auntie heart is pounding with sheer anticipation and happiness!

Thirdly, I was approached by my Worship Leader at my home church, Community Christian Fellowship (CCF), who is also over the SOW here at YWAM about the possibility of pairing up with this School of Worship to teach a class on harmony. After much prayer and talking with my leader, it was apparent God was speaking to go for it!

Last week was our first class and I’m so proud of the courage and vulnerability these girls have! This SOW has 7 different nationalities and I’m personally working with 4 of them (Canada, Germany, Norway, and Haiti). I’ve learned we don’t always know a lot of the same worship songs, which proves to be a creative challenge, but I’m confident God will enable each of us to grow and learn together. I love these girls!

Lastly, our Arts Department has decided to partner with the current DTS running here at the base. What this means, is that every Friday afternoon, we teach their school about the Arts.

Last week, I had privilege of sharing my testimony through a creative presentation through dance. I was a nervous wreck! But God proved He could use me.


Our time ended with each of the staff members giving encouraging words and Scriptures to some of the students, and in turn, they prayed and prophesied over each other. It was incredibly moving to see this school come together to encourage each other and be in that moment all together.

Our first week of working with Discipleship Training School, our dear artist friend Heather Crain, shared her testimony while painting! The students then were given that same opportunity and learned how to hear the heart of God via the arts!img_3789

And speaking of The Crain Family, Heather (full-time Artist & Mother who works full-time @ Fatherheart Maternity Home here at YWAM Tyler) & her husband, Brad (currently in the SOW) have had a rough few days with their son, Joshua. It’s been discovered he has a tumor at the top of his spinal chord and on his brain. Please, be in prayer. This couple constantly pours and overflows into so many lives in so many different facets. Just like they did in the DTS last week.

This was a mouthful, but I appreciate you bearing with me through it. It’s been a painful, energizing, and exhausting month of more transitions, stretching, and growing. I don’t regret me and God’s decision in coming here and feel overwhelmingly honored to be a small part.

Thank you, each of you, for believing in these dreams of using the Arts to reach the world around me. Thank you for trusting me to be financially responsible with the gifts you’ve given and for your constant support and encouragement. I love the hearts I’m surrounded with and exceedingly grateful for your friendships.

Anything you want to share? Want to catch up? Don’t hesitate! Give me a text/facebook message!


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