Airfare, Recordings, and In Between


Last night was our first and last rehearsal for the Inspire Conference song that Amber Settle (co-worker) wrote. We’ll be recording Monday afternoon and hard copies will be available at this year’s Inspire Conference! If you’re local, you should be signing up for March 3rd & 4th! It’s going to be a fantastic experience and you’ll hear this song live!


My harmony class girls (Marjorie from Haiti in the blue, Haley from Tennessee in the middle, and Janne from Germany with the guitar) played their songs for the fellow SOW and DTS students this past week! They were sensational! I’m so proud! They’ve worked through language slip-ups, harmony frustrations, and allowed zero room for pride. God really blessed me with these ladies!



My friends, Aaryn (who just moved this past weekend to work in Nicaragua) and Casi (who also left to do an internship) at Love Feast!


My dance classes performed at Love Feast this night and were incredible! I got lots of questions backstage of when they could do it again and if it their part was done. That’s honestly been my favorite part of being a dance teacher: seeing my students fall in love with dance and the freedom of expressing your love for God in an interesting way. It was a great night!

Lastly, after hitting a lot of financial hang ups, it became evident I needed help in my support raising and keeping. I’ll be attending  a conference in Orlando, Florida with my friend, Bonnie, who works in hospitality. This conference came with several references from people I trust and after a lot of thought and prayer, God confirmed He wanted me to go. The heart behind this is I want to be the best steward possible of my relationships and my finances. I’ve had a hard time recently in the finance department and I felt I needed someone more equipped to teach me how to walk this out properly. This conference provided a perfect opportunity in that.

Thanks for bearing with me as I grow in this area and for continuing to support a very new, inexperienced missionary. It’s a big learning curve with a lot of growing pains, but I firmly believe God has called me to the mission field of America.

This conference is all about support raising, sharing your vision and heart, and giving you tools to speak with confidence. I’m excited to grow in this area and to become a better communicator. There’s 24+ hours of homework that I’ve been working on since reserving my spot that will get me $100 off! It’s a fair trade if you ask me. God perfectly worked out a place to stay that’s 24 minutes from the venue. Now all that’s left is paying for the airfare. The conference provides lunch/dinner and snacks! So, that portion is taken care of, as well.

If you feel a pressing on your heart to give to this trip, please don’t hesitate. Airfare is the biggest hang up right now for both Bonnie and I. We leave December 4th and come back the 7th.

Please be praying:

  • Finances for this trip! Like I said, airfare is the big one.
  • Safety while we travel and while we’re at the conference.
  • For open hearts and minds to what God wants to bring up and speak to us.
  • For a dance teacher to cover my Monday afternoon classes for the next 2 weeks. (1 week for the recording, the second week for the conference)
  • For Monday’s recording! Confidence, freedom, and a fun experience. (I’m a nervous wreck!)


THANK YOU for pouring out your prayers and giving so so faithfully. I’ve seen God do beautiful things and I can’t wait to share more! GOD BLESS YOU and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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