Hope Is The Anthem

“Hope is a seed you have to sow.

When you let it go, it comes to life.

So stretch your arrows on the bow

And pull them back & watch them fly.”


This year’s Inspire Conference theme is simple, “Festival Of Hope”. With the world in it’s white-knuckled state of do or die, I’m in a constant state of remembering to go into every process with hope. There’s been a lot of spiritual pulling in my life since becoming a missionary that in some ways I expected and other ways, didn’t. As I go through the journey of allowing God to work His miracles in my heart, I’m reminded of these lyrics (above) from my favorite band, Switchfoot.

Before God brought me back to YWAM, I was in the state of “forgetfulness”. I longed for the dreams the Lord put in my heart as a 9 year old, but was trapped in the waiting. I forgot those seasons were on purpose. As I wrestled through feeling left out of experiences, I forgot the God Who sees, actually sees me, too. When I tried to climb the mountain of insecurities in my heart, I forgot that God knew every intent of my heart, understood it all, and still loved me. Crazy.

But one thing the Lord spoke to me, clear as bell in those months leading up to Youth With A Mission is, “Remember to have hope.” He actually spoke it to me in a dream and it would become my anthem for 2016.

After a year of mixed emotions and magic, I can honestly say God restored my hope. He took the holes in my heart and used them as a fountain to pour into others.

Thank you for running this race with me. All of your encouragement, prayers, and friendships have been so monumental in the transformation in my life. Now for what God is doing through me…



Our recording for Inspire Conference is complete! It was a highlight for me this year and I’m still reeling from the reality of the gifts God allowed me to open up this year. As we prepare for January there’s a lot of big dreams and a lot of tiny ones, but they’re all important to God.

The dance Christmas parties were a success! It’s been incredible hearing feedback from the parents about the love these kids are developing for dance. In a lot of ways, I’m seeing passion and creativity being unleashed in our classes that excites me to the core.

My work with the School Of Worship is in its last leg this afternoon. I’ve loved every sacred second spent in music and training and friendship together. Haley, Marjorie, and Jane have blossomed and bloomed in beautiful ways. Pray for them as they head out on outreach in January, tackling the US!


Next on the agenda is full steam ahead with dance classes, final Inspire preparations and a whole lot of ministry times! I’ll keep you all up to date as things happen. I’ve got some exciting news you’ll hear about next month!


Thanks again for all your love.



Love to you,



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