Loving People

I had a dream awhile back. I was struggling with judging people and this dream felt like a wake up call from the Lord.

In the dream, a drunk, prostitute sat at my feet in my Aunt’s living room. She was barely coherent and making a fool out of herself in her attempts at conversations.

I knelt down, grabbed both sides of her face and pulled her close until our noses nearly touched. Full of love, suddenly I poured out words of identity, destiny, and love with tears pouring out of my eyes. All the while, I’m thinking,” Sober her up or it’s pointless!”

As I released her face, she was the same person–the drunk prostitute. But I felt God encouraging my heart, “She heard Me.”

By the end of the dream, a missionary friend simply said,

 “That’s how you love someone.”

I’ve been walking through a learning curve when it comes to relationships. As I’ve waded through some pretty treacherous things, I’ve felt myself questioning, “God, how can I love this person?!” And, He keeps on bringing me back to this dream and these words.

You love by forgiving 7x70x70x70x70… You love by listening without filters or expectations. You love by giving when you don’t think they deserve it. You love by encouraging and praying. You love by putting expectations on the Lord and understanding humanity can’t offer perfection.

It takes a lot out of a person to love, but it took a lot more out of Jesus.

Loving Together

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