"Excuse me, (pointing at KJ), she didn't say excuse me when she pushed past me." were the first things you said to KJ, Milee, and I. Laughing a little, I reply to the surprisingly outspoken little girl who is obviously learning to implement manners, "It's because she can't talk." Your little brown eyes widen beneath... Continue Reading →


Ever since the ball of "missionary living" began rolling a few months back, my anxieties began heightening. Nightmares, sleeplessness, fear. I'm living with a constant knot in my stomach, a cotton-mouthed throat, and endless pacing at work. Last night, I cried out to God--again. And do you know what He told me? "But no matter... Continue Reading →

Becoming a missionary is hard. There, I said it. Leaving comfortable jobs, explaining to said jobs why you're giving up financial security to work for free! And then the "action" part of fundraising, saving every penny since you'll be broke for the next few years, and every tiny detail of downsizing your entire life to... Continue Reading →

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time running from one "bathtub" to the next. It seems storms and tornadoes have set their sights on me. And my whole family for that matter. I've lived in the same town for nearly 2 decades and have never seen a spring in Texas like the past 2... Continue Reading →

I suppose the first thing that should happen is with this one is the obvious:Mom's hair is flourishing, no longer in it's mohawk style. She's radiant, losing weight, and CANCER FREE. It's been over a year now since her last treatment and she's back to normal life minus some residual side effects post cancer treatment.... Continue Reading →

Overwhelmed. Yes, that's the word. My emotions have been so frayed like the edges of a rope are burned off. It feels like I'm on the edge and the rope that's supposed to be saving me is leaving blusters and burns on my hands from the fire. I'm a shy personality. I've struggled through my... Continue Reading →

Round 3 of the 4 hardest hitting Chemo is under our belts. We are on Day 3, which means Mom is feeling pretty crummy. So far, our day has consisted of attempting to wash dishes, attempting to clean out a closet, and ending with barely enough energy to climb the stairs for a nap. We're... Continue Reading →

In The Process

Surgery has been said and done for a few weeks now. We took a family trip to Florida, all expenses paid minus gas and food. We were revitalized for our upcoming battles. The beach, the sun and heat, the creatures, and most of all the people: aunts, uncles, and cousins alike. Mom, Dad, and I... Continue Reading →

Gaga Is Spiderman!

June 18, 2014. 8:00, Ross Breast Center. Gaga became Spiderman! Mom had a little bit of radiation in preparation for her lumpectomy. That was rough, she said. They squiggled around a thick pipe in the veins of her arm and pushed wires into her chest that were left sticking outside. Ouch. Dad and I had... Continue Reading →

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